For some it’s simply the peace that comes with nature, with nothing but birdsong to distract. For others, the views: empty valleys studded gem-like with flowering succulents and grazing antelope, against a backdrop of undulating mountains. Vast blue skies that turn star-spangled when the sun dips behind these craggy peaks. But mostly it’s the luxury of privacy, with only a handful privileged enough to find themselves ensconced in accommodation that is spacious, gracious and welcoming, in a privately owned reserve less than two hours from Cape Town.




When did life get so busy? Within minutes of arriving (welcomed perhaps, by a prancing gemsbok), Amathunzi starts to work its magic, with spaces arranged in such a way that family and friends can disappear and gather with ease, and conversations and events flow as naturally as day follows night.


Amathunzi offers that wonderful combination: the exhilaration of being immersed in nature, and the sensual pleasure of relaxing into the luxuries that matter: well-sprung beds and soft linen; a deliciously cool pool; a shower with a view; a kitchen where someone else does the dishes


Time slows when you are at Amathunzi. Giving you more time to appreciate the things we take for granted. Filled with serenity. Which is why no-one leaves Amathunzi without the promise to return.

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